6 Different Types Of Denim Jeans For Women

21st century is the era of modernization and today, almost every person is trying constantly to match pace with constantly changing fashion trends. Clothing is no more a basic necessity, it has become a symbol of style and fashion. That been said, let us now hop on to our topic of interest, which is the denim jeans. It is a clothing which is worn throughout the world, irrespective of the country or the culture. According to some recent researches, Denim jeans are actually the most worn item of clothing in the entire world. And, the same is justified by the elegance and comfort that it elicits to the person wearing it.

Denim Jeans for women

As mentioned earlier, denim jeans is the most worn and appreciated piece of clothing in the entire world. You can find at least a pair of jeans in every closet. There are different types of jeans available to choose from, and majority of choices are available in the women jeans. Different types of jeans differ in different aspects, like the cut of the jean. The level at which it is worn or the occasion at which it is worn. All these details are mentioned in the next section of this blog.

Types of denim jeans for women

Despite being the most popular clothing item, very few people are actually aware of the different types and styles of denim jeans. So, here in this blog, we have jotted down a list of top 6 different types of denim jeans for women.

The low rise jeans

This type of denim is ideal for the women that wish to create a visual of a longer waist. This type of jeans fit at a level below the navel, generally 2-3” below the navel. It is mostly preferred by girls having a low rise.

The High rise jeans

This type of jeans look supercool when you pair it with a tucked in top. Wearing the high rise type of jeans make you you look a less bulkier, if you are bulky. A lot of overweight women wear these, as a substitution to the tummy tuckers.The mid-rise denims

This is the best choice if your body is wider around the hipline. You can wear these jeans at just a few inches below the navel. They fit in and give the best shape to even the wide hips and belly.

Boyfriend Jeans

As the name suggests, these are a bit casual type of jeans. It gets name from the baggy and loose appearance that it possesses. It fits well at the waist area and the ankle area, but is loose throughout.

The Boot Cut jeans

These are thebest denim jeans for women with a short stature as it possesses a streamlined cut which makes people look lean and taller. These type of jeans were worn majorly during the 70 and 80s but look very stylish today as well.

Cigarette jeans

The cigarette jeans are actually for the ones who are not very fascinated with the skinny type of jeans. They fit well but are not too skinny to wear and look fabulous on women of every shape and size.


Jeans are no more just a clothing, but is also the soul clothing for every person. Be it a party, a day out or a meeting, there is a pair of jeans associated with every occasion. Also, when it comes to women, the denim jeans are considered to be the simplest option when they cannot decide what to wear. There are multiple type of jeans available in the market and they are all mentioned in the above section.


Since, the inception of denim jeans in the world, there have been advancements in the trends and the types of jeans. 6 important and common types of jeans that can be worn are mentioned in the blog.

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