A Guide on ESAs for Depression

Depression is a medical condition characterized by extreme and persistent sadness, loss of interest or pleasure, and other negative feelings. To alleviate its effects, many individuals choose to have emotional support animals (ESAs). Here are the benefits of having them and the pets that qualify.


Having an ESA provides the following benefits to individuals with depression.


ESAs become trusted companions who will shower their owners with affection. Having someone who greets them whenever they come home will make them feel loved and less lonely. To ensure that a pet will be allowed even in apartments with strict policies, one needs to secure an emotional support animal letter from a mental health practitioner.


Individuals not only build new relationships with their animal companions, but also with other humans. Fellow pet owners, for instance, may start a conversation, which will begin a lasting friendship. This is particularly helpful for those with depression because being surrounded by people who care about their well-being is crucial for recovery. Since ESAs have special certifications, one can bring them everywhere, and they’ll have the potential to establish rapport in any place.

Physical Activity

Studies have shown that physical activities alleviate sadness because they stimulate the brain to produce serotonin, which makes people feel better. Active animals like dogs aregood companions since they require regular exercise. Owners need to jog and play with them, so they’ll also be working their bodies out, resulting in the release of happy hormones.


Some people with depressive disorders struggle with feelings of worthlessness. With an animal companion, they’ll have someone to take care of, which will boost their morale. Choosing to adopt a pet as an ESA will also increase their sense of fulfillment since they’ll be committing a kind act.

Qualified Animals

Most domesticated pets are qualified as support animals. Getting the necessary certifications for them is easy since they don’t require specific training; rather, a mental health professional should verify that the owner needs an ESA. Here are some of them.


The most common support animals are canines, and they’re loved by many because of their loyal and affectionate nature. Individuals who choose them as companions will have plenty of exercise and playtime since dogs need them.


Like dogs, felines are also common ESAs. They’re friendly and playful, so one will surely have fun with them. Various breeds, such as Persian, Burmese, and Ragdoll, are known for spending lots of time with their owners, so individuals won’t feel lonely their presence.


While they’re not as usual as the previous pets, birds make good ESAs as well. They show high levels of empathy, so they’ll notice when their owner is distressed and will provide support. Species like parrots and parakeets, for instance, can be taught soothing phrases to help individuals calm down.

The effects of depression can be alleviated with the help of a loving animal. Animal emotional support letter prescriptions can be requested from mental health professionals for pets to qualify as ESAs. With these documents, owners can have their companions certified and bring them anywhere when they need comfort.

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