How to Find a Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury is an injury that is sustained due to the negligence of someone else. Therefore, car accidents, dog bites and even malpractice are all examples of personal injury cases and are all considered civil cases, meaning that they fall under the realm of tort law. Finding a lawyer for injury cases is important because of the benefit of their legal expertise and the potential for higher payouts in settlements. However, while a lawyer is great to have, there is a process of finding the right one for you and your case.


If you have suffered a personal injury hillsborough county florida, then finding an attorney should be one of the first things on your list after receiving medical care. You can search online databases and your states bar association to find a lawyer that is specialized in your type of injury and tort law. Also, you can look at attorney review sites to find someone with a positive reputation among clients.

Phone Interview

While a phone interview will not provide you with a lot of detailed information about fees and even your case, a conversation does help you to understand the level of professionalism an attorney has. If you are able to ask a number of questions without feeling rushed off the phone, then you can assume that the lawyer will put your needs first in a legal battle.

License and Certification

The most important thing to do before hiring or even consulting with an attorney is to verify their licensure and certifications with the state bar association. While it may seem impossible, some people pretend to be legitimate attorneys when they are actually operating illegally. If you come across an individual like this, you should report them immediately to the bar and the authorities.


Once you have settled on a lawyer, it is time to set up a consultation. A face-to-face interview and discussion mean that you can ask case-specific questions. However, more importantly, you should discuss their fee structure. Most personal injury lawyers operate through a contingency, meaning that they are not paid unless you win the case or settle it.

A personal injury attorney may be the best option you have at resolving your case amicably and with financial restitution. Don’t let fancy billboards and advertisements distract you from other law firms. You want to find an attorney that is qualified for your case and has your best interest in mind.

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