The right lighting is crucial to set the ambiance of the space it gets installed. Lighting can transform and enhance the room. Choose lighting that suits your style taste and even blends well with the room décor. Indoor lightings can be categorized into ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Ambient indoor lightings are designed to uniformly illuminate the whole room. Ambient indoor light fixtures include chandeliers, track light, LED down-lights, wall & ceiling mounted fixtures, table lamps, and floor lamps.

Interior designers start with ambient lighting first and then identify spots that need accent lighting. Generally, homeowners opt for crystal chandeliers because they create a focal point, which grabs the eyes. It even hints magical intimacy, which other lighting types cannot create. Today, Sofary offers quality lighting fixtures suitable for every room. You can even customize crystal chandelier concerning color, size, style, and even the design.

How to identify your style?

  • If you prefer minimalist Boho-type style then look for chandeliers having an eclectic design with clean lines.
  • If scrolled metalwork is very traditional but you want crystals with cleaner silhouette then choose a modern glam-style chandelier with chrome finish.
  • A prism chandelier is an ideal solution that offers the glamorous midcentury vibes.
  • Mix modern and rustic finishes adding a contemporary edge to a customary space. Chrome frame and wood staves will add a tone to a neutral-tone bedroom or a farmhouse kitchen.

Tips for buying the right chandelier

Besides style, there will be other factors to consider.

Chandelier size

Use this simple formula to identify the Chandelier Width [in inches] = room width + room length

Chandelier height

A good thumb rule is to multiple room height with 2.5 or 3.

Chandeliers size hung above the dining table

A chandelier that is 1 foot narrower than the dining table offers a well-balanced look.

Getting height right

Chandeliers come with 6 feet chain or 10 feet wire. It helps to adjust the chandelier height.

  • Over the dining table or Kitchen Island – Chandelier bottom needs to be 32” above table top for offering sufficient light without heads banging.
  • Over the floor – Chandeliers bottom has to be 7 feet above the flooring.
  • 2-story foyer – In an open foyer, the fixture has to be at eye level when seen from the 2nd floor.

Different ceiling types

  • Extra high ceilings – Consider electronic chandelier lift to help you lower and raise the fixture for bulb changes and easy cleaning.
  • Low ceiling – Use the shortest downrod or chain in a room with a low ceiling.
  • Extra ceiling support – Large chandeliers need extra support. Use an expandable fan brace that is placed between ceiling joists for extra support.
  • Sloped ceiling – Install chandeliers in the junction box, it does not matter if it is hung from the cord or chain. Gravity will ensure that the chandelier hangs straight.

Dimmers & brightness

When brightness obtained is right, the room gets transformed. For chandelier in the dining room, you can choose dimmer to fine-tune the brightness level for that romantic dining experience.

You also need to learn how to clean your crystal chandelier, so that its beauty and sparkle gets maintained.

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