Tips To Create Attractive Promotional Printed Bags

We reside in a digital era, so online marketing is given more priority to attract new customers. With more than a majority of marketers concentrating on their online marketing effort, promotional products are getting neglected from the marketing plan. Unfortunately, marketers who abandoned promotional product techniques are missing good opportunities.

Significance of promotional products

Custom giveaways include simple and small gifts that are distributed for business promotion. They are small souvenirs like reusable printed bags that will remind receivers of the brand that offered it to them. Custom tote bags can play the role of your brand ambassador as they gain a lot of impression on the way to the mall or office or picnic spots.

Experts reveal that promotional items allow the public to see, associate, and distinguish your brand. These are the aspects crucial for brand awareness and sales. Even today, promotional products are effective as they were a decade ago. They have time and again proved to strengthen business development.

Promotional products are physical. They can be felt, touched, and used. This exceeds the impact of search ads or TV commercials. People adore FREE promotional items but it is also the act signifying ‘Thank You’ or ‘I Care’ that counts. This silly and stupid kindness act goes a lot beyond.

Tips to create attractive promotional print bags

Keep it simple

Remember not just your customers but even the public will see your customized bags. The artwork you choose has to be simple so that it can be easily recognized from afar.

Use complementary colors

The chosen colors have a huge impact on design effectiveness. For example, white and yellow work individually, while printed on black-color bags. Nevertheless, the artwork with both colors is difficult to distinguish if used together. This does not mean you cannot do it because, in the end, it all depends on personal style!

Include website & social media links

Including website links on your bag prints allows gaining wide exposure. It makes your brand seem professional and enthusiastic potential customers can contact you instantly. The social media link is also a great way, especially when you regularly use it in your business.

Choose right bag type

  • Printed matte is ideal for high-end fashion stores, as it communicates a specific quality sense and professionalism. Sleek design and bold finish help to resonate well with customers.
  • If you sell natural products then you will desire to communicate an earthy feel. Choose brown paper bags or printed calico bags.
  • A grocer can opt for reusable non-woven PVC bags, especially when plastic bags are banned.
  • Food outlets can choose printed takeaway or brown paper bags. Even if they are to be disposed of does not mean you cannot brand them.

Print on both sides

It ensures that your brand name or logo is seen from a distance. It doesn’t matter how the customer is holding the tote bag. You can get more value concerning brand visibility and exposure. You will need to invest a little more in printing on both sides but the possibility of more public seeing your brand also doubles. Moreover, if the same artwork gets painted on both sides’ means you pay for a single printing plate.

I hope the tips are useful and for more details contact!

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