When it’s time to introduce your child to a new preschool or other child care services in Nampa, ID, it can be exciting and of course, a little stressful. While some young children will jump at the opportunity to explore a new place and new people, not every child does. Separation anxiety is quite normal for this age range, especially if they’re used to being at home with a parent or caregiver. However, just because separation anxiety is common, it doesn’t mean that it’s easy for parents to manage. Watching your child scream and cry upon drop-off can be a devastating experience. Thankfully, there are some things parents and caregivers can do to make things a little easier for everyone involved. Here are a few tips to help manage your child’s separation anxiety. 

Create a Special Routine 

Children at this age crave routines and structure. The fear of the unknown has a lot to do with separation anxiety. When they’re at home, they know what to expect. Now that they have to spend time in an unfamiliar place with new people, anxiety can easily appear. Establishing a routine can help them settle into their new schedule. There are dozens of different ways to create some structure around going to a new place. For instance, you can begin preparing them the night before. Have your child help pack their backpack, pick out their favorite t-shirt to wear, and discuss fun preschool stuff at bedtime. In the morning, have a special hand-shake or good-bye ritual that you do every day together. This can create a pattern to help form expectations about their day. 

Mention Teachers’ Names Often

Kids turn to adults for safety and security. They’ll need to build trust with their new teachers so they feel secure at daycare or preschool. You can help foster this relationship by talking about their teachers at home. Try to work their names into casual conversations so your child can become more familiar with them. For instance, “Wow! That’s a great picture you drew. Do you know who would love this picture? Ms. Kelly at preschool!” The more you mention the names of their child care workers, the more comfortable and confident your child will feel. 

Make Your Good-byes Significant But Quick 

Walking away when your child feels scared or insecure is one of the most difficult things a parent can do. However, when parents or caregivers drag out their good-byes and linger around the classroom, it can actually make things worse. First, it doesn’t help the teacher build a trusting relationship with your child. Second, it can enhance the separation anxiety when you do walk away. When it’s time to drop your child off at their child care services in Nampa ID, provide a big, loving hug! Say good-bye quickly! And allow their childcare provider to take the reins to comfort and assist your child in adapting to their new play space.

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