Teachers have to put in a lot of hard work while teaching their students, but they are not so well paid for their efforts.

So, when you celebrate your last day in your school, you can acknowledge their efforts by offering them a thoughtful gift.

You can also think of giving gifts for teachers Australia on 15th of May, which is considered as Teacher Appreciation day in the country.

Following are few of the gift ideas for your English teacher.

  • Favourite book of your teacher

Most of the English teachers are avid readers. So, certainly your English teacher will love to get a book as gift.

  • Book cover posters

You can get posters for different famous English books written by great authors like Shakespeare’s Othello.

  • A personal letter

You can also prefer to write a personalized letter by showing your literature skills to tell your teacher how thankful you are for improving your skills in the language.

  • A nice pen

Teacher will love to receive a pen as gift and if it has certain quotation inscribed then it will be icing on the cake.

  • Stamps with catchy phrase

If your teacher has certain favourite statement, which he must be often repeating in the class then get a stamp or sticker with those words.

  • Novel written by your teacher’s favourite author

Your English teacher must have his favourite author, so try to present a novel written by that author as a gift.

  • Magnetic poetry set

Your teacher must have worked a lot to perfect your poetry and now it is your turn to gift him with magnetic poetry set.

  • Wine glass with few quotable quotes

You certainly cannot present him wine bottle but can surely get a glass with few quotable quotes that he can use while taking wine.

  • Clip-able book lamp

Your English teacher must be a regular reader and he will surely love to get a gift like clip-able book lamp, which will be useful for him during night.

  • Coffee mug with English grammar

You can surely get a coffee mug with few important grammar rules that your teacher must have taught you in the class.

  • Pen stand

Your pen stand will be very useful gift for your teacher which he will like to keep on his table while doing the study work.

  • New words-a-year

Often a teacher may also forget the spelling of some new words and your gift can serve as a very useful tool for him too.

  • Desktop book stand

Such kind of super-simple items, which you wish you too had invented yourself. It can be a way of propping up a book.

  • Pen with interesting quote

You can get many different kinds of pens in the market with a very nice quote, which can be a nice gift for your English teacher.

  • Tote bag

All teachers use tote bags and your English teacher too is not an exception.

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