Xtreme Clean has been around for several years offering sewage system maintenance and renovation services to people across Vasteras. The company got recognition for their work efficiency in the year 2019. Even if the projects are large or they have insufficient knowledge to resolve the issues, the team takes help from their colleagues. The customers are always prioritized, which has made them build a good long-term relationship.

Services Xtreme Clean provides

Relining sewer

Sometimes the demolition of old pipes in a building is impossible because of several reasons. It is a hospital or a hotel or a cultural building. Some property owners don’t intend to have total renovation with surface layers replacement, so relining is the best alternative. Relining involves less interference and drains will not be closed for a long period. Call Xtreme Clean for relining Västerås [relining in Västerås]!

Xtreme Clean team uses lining tubes and fills it with compressed air that molds to fit the exiting old pipe interiors. Thus, a new self-supporting tube gets created inside the old pipe. The old pipes are estimated to extend their service life for another 50 years. If you are still skeptical and need pipe inspection contact them at xtreamclean.se.

Sewage Flushing/wastewater treatment

Drainage issues like gargling noises, bad odors, or total drain blockage are horrifying situations, which every property owner experiences once in their lifetime. It is sensible to choose a regular maintenance and repair package with Xtreme Clean.

Any issues get detected at an early stage and resolved before it explodes. Sooner or later drains get slow and ultimately blocked. With preventative maintenance, there is no need to be concerned about sewage issues and urgent cleaning. Learn more about wastewater management on xtreamclean.se/avloppsspolning

Trunk Flushing

Strain flushing means the whole pipe system on your property gets cleaned. The team starts flushing from the basement and moves towards the mainline. They work their way up cleaning all sewage pipes connected to the building or structure.

Stormwater and sewerage pipes, if not serviced every 5 years get blocked. Blockage can result in widespread water damage, which can be extremely expensive. Having an agreement signed with Xtreme Clean helps to keep the sewage pipe system fresh and clean, to avoid the risk of blockage and flooding. Visit xtreamclean.se/stamspolning for more details about the regular maintenance and checkup package.

Hot water flushing

Heated water along with high pressure allows removing corrosive coatings and greasing from the pipe interiors. Frozen water pipes or fat deposits are a challenge, but high pressure heated water flushes at 110°C will help to remove the stubborn gunk.

Root cutting

Sometimes water flow gets hindered with roots spreading inside the pipeline. Pipe inspection identifies the problem and the Xtreme Clean team removes them with specially designed chain nozzles.


Old maps fade, so pipe tracking is not possible. The professional from Xtreme Clean helps to map the pipes below the property and even inspects the existing pipe system condition.

Pipe milling

The rotating and cutting machine tool need skills to operate. The professionals enter the pipe system with the tool that rotates consistently at a programmed speed [speed depends on the amount of obstacle to be removed]. There is a camera that helps to see what occurs within the pipe, during milling.

Xtreme Clean is the best firm for sewage relining Stockholm!

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