Ever since CBD products have been legalized in many states of the country, people’s interest about various CBD based products have tremendously increased. CBD is known to be a good alternate to prescription medicines to get rid of a number of ailments.

However, it will certainly be a matter of interest to know, how much time does it need to make its real effect and how long will it stay in our bloodstream. Let us discuss about this issue in this article.

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How long the CBD you consume will remain within your system will depend on following few factors:

  • How much are you using?

Like most of the other substances, higher is your dose, longer will the CBD remain within your system.

  • Your body

Your body will also decide the time that CBD will remain in your system. Following few things of body will decide it:

  • Your BMI
  • Water content present in the body
  • Your metabolism
  • How often do you use?

How frequently you use CBD will also decide the duration of CBD to remain in your system. Therefore, if you use CBD at least once a week then you can expect to find its effect sooner.

If you take casually anytime then it will get cleared from your system and you will not realize its effect.

  • What food you eat?

How much food you eat, what you really eat and also when you take your food matters. By taking CBD on empty stomach, will get metabolized faster and soon will be eliminated as compared to taking it while your stomach is full.

  • Your method of consumption

CBD products are available in number of forms in the market and your method of taking them will also vary based on their form. Some of the forms of CBD available are as follows:

  • Creams and lotions
  • Edibles
  • Oils/tinctures
  • Pills/capsules
  • Vaping juice

While vaping CBD, it may enter your lungs and will take effect quickly, at the same time will also leave your body quickly. Whereas oils/tinctures that is placed under the tongue will be absorbed into your bloodstream faster and also linger longer.

Digestive system of yours will metabolize edible CBD forms, which may take a while. Lotions and creams may also be slow to enter into your system and also come out of your body.

How long will it take to see the effects of CBD?

It will also vary depending upon all the factors mentioned above as it depends upon how long CBD will remain in your system.

All those factors e.g. your dosage, your body composition etc. all these will play a role, hence it is a bit difficult to predict exactly how fast CBD will really kick-in or how much effect will it make on you.

Generally, you will start feeling the CBD effects just within 15 minutes, if you vape CBD or prefer to use it sublingually. Topical products and edibles may take almost an hour or even more to really kick-in.

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