If you love food and planning to visit Memphis, the initial thought that brings a smile on your face is Memphis’s world popular barbecue delicacies. Yes, while enjoying the blessed scenario and manmade jaw dropping sights of the peaceful city you are seeking every time to taste a different Memphis’s chefs delight.

Here are a few must to taste food recommended by tourists who love Memphis food:

  • BLT salad – If you like your salad to be nutritious and yummy, then this is the perfect one. It is layered with bread, pimento cheese and salad veggies topped with fresh fried green tomatoes. You will get the best cheesy sandwich salad in the famous Felicia Suzanne’s food place.
  • BBQ Spaghetti – The uniqueness lies in adding Interstate Bar B-Q original recipes sauces and spices prepared to cook pork mixed in the spaghetti.
  • BBQ nachos – You can’t resist the nachos that are layered with grated cheese with jalapenos. It may seem to be simple menu however you are sure to finish the whole basket full of nachos and still want more.
  • Bacon wrapped shrimp – As the name suggests, you will find thin shrimp among the cheese enveloped in the bacon. A great tasty way to start your touring day.
  • Glazed sweet donut – Tourists seeking sweet food need to visit Gibson. The donuts just melts in your mouth and only sweetness of them lingers in your mouth.

downtown memphis restaurants

  • Chicken tender salad of Houston – You get to relish crispy chicken prepared in honey mustard and enjoyed with bacon. One of the most customer demand food of Houston.
  • Jerry’s special snow cone – Your favored tasty ice topped hugely by ice cream just looking like a topping over a wedding cake. Thus, named as Wedding Cake Supreme.
  • Folk’s folly combo of steak and fried pickles – Memphis famous steakhouse where you can have your favorite steak garnished with slices of their signature pickles.
  • Ocean pyramid – Yes, as the name suggest all marine ingredients with rice and different types of caviar. You can even relish the garnished avocado with ponzu sauce.
  • Hamburger’s of Dyer’s – It is different from other hamburgers and the taste is really awesome. The age-old grease used to fry the ham burgers promotes the snack to upper level.
  • Fudge pie, special sweet savory of Corky’s Bar- B- Q. You are sure to find their special pie even in the grocery stores. Just need to heat the pie and top it with jelly or ice cream of your choice to make it sweetener.
  • Quite popular fried chicken of Gus’s. There secret recipe does the trick and have placed them as one of the top rated food corner in Memphis.

You will find ample downtown Memphis restaurants and one that should not be missed is We are Memphis. If you have no time to visit every famous food joints of Memphis, no issues as here is one place you can relish all the delicious food of Memphis.

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