Facebook is a widely used social media website that people use to connect and share online. It is a lot more than just a meeting venue for friends. Besides it, Facebook is also referred to be the place to advertise the businesses by way of self-promotion, and interaction with customers. This post discusses the top methods to use Facebook for advertising.

Set marketing goals

Establishing marketing goals is an important step that determines the success of your advertisement. It can be increasing brand visibility, community engagement, sales conversion, lead generation, etc.

This roadmap will act as an essential reference to measure against the performance of your ad.  To set goals, you need to perform a little research to make sure your marketing goals are attainable using your chosen platform

Aiad is a popular Facebook Marketing Agency in Australia that serves its business clients to expand and flourish. The company creates impactful marketing campaigns to enhance the visibility of the business on social media.

Address your marketing goals

The next step is to form an effective marketing strategy that addresses your marketing strategy on certain parameters such as

  • increase in sales quantity,
  • value addition to the organization,
  • efficient recruiting
  • the listening ability of the business to track, learn and report on all social communications
  • smarter growth
  • tracking progress

Know your social media audience

It is important to understand who are your business audience and what does your present audience breakdown appears to be. Both these considerations are important at the time of forming the right marketing strategies.

Once you are done with the above task, you should now spend a good amount of time in getting familiar with your audience, and demographics.  Engage proactively with the business audience.

Host Facebook Contests

One of the best ways to use Facebook for business marketing is to run Facebook contests, promotions, or sweepstakes. By doing this, you can increase the number of your social media fans as well as improve your brand awareness. Several paid tools are available online to help you implement this strategy.

Use Facebook Promoted Posts

A Facebook promoted post allows Facebook webpage owners to pay a fixed rate to have their Facebook posts spread over a specific number of users. This method increases the reach of a Facebook post that in turn helps to obtain more impressions.

Promoted Posts appear in the newsfeed of the user. These posts are displayed to existing followers of the business. There is also an added facility to reach “friends of followers”. This method does not offer the targeting options as offered by other types of Facebook advertisements.

Sponsored Stories

Sponsored Stories are one more variation of Facebook ad that displays the interactions of users with their friends. These stories are based on promoting a business via “word of mouth” marketing.


Whether you are a small firm or an enterprise corporation, Facebook serves as a strong marketing tool to keep your customers well informed. All these ways will surely assist your business in the development of brand identity, as well as widen your reach.

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