Why Delaying Treatment During the Pandemic is a Bad Idea

During the pandemic, routine healthcare delivery was often overlooked, or worse, discouraged. While some of that was understandable, neglecting healthcare needs is never a good idea. Here is why visiting the medical health centers in Suffolk County, NY, when you have the need should not be delayed and how to get the treatment you need even with pandemic precautions in place.

Delaying is Dangerous

To be sure, not every scheduled doctor’s visit was necessary during the height of the pandemic. In fact, when New York was leading the nation in infection rates, getting treatment for non-life-threatening issues discouraged.
When you delay medical treatment, thought, you are playing with fire, whether it is a routine checkup or for something more immediate and serious.

Medical Centers are Open

With the COVID-19 virus curtailed if not controlled, along with the adherence to other safety protocols, most medical health centers in Suffolk County reopened, at least partially. That means if you have been putting something off because of access, you can go and get checked out now. The important thing to remember is that you must adhere to each medical center’s individual protocols for pandemic safety.


If you do not feel comfortable going to a medical center, most have set up telemedicine. From your conversation, doctors can prescribe treatment, including testing, medication, physical therapy and medical referrals. If the doctor feels a patient needs more extensive treatment or needs to go to a medical center, they can prescribe that as well.

Telemedicine should be used as a first resort before visiting a medical center if it is available.

If You are Ill, Stay Home

It might seem odd not going to get medical care if you do not feel well, but even if you know you do not have COVID-19, most medical centers do not want you coming in if you have the following:
• Fever
• Persistent Cough
• Flu-like Symptoms
• Loss of Sense of Smell and/or Taste

If you have any of these symptoms or any combination thereof, call your medical center and ask for advice on how to proceed.

Practice Pandemic Safety

After that, the best course of action is to contact the medical center you want to visit and see what specific protocols it has in place. In addition, you should:
• Practice Social Distancing
• Wear a Medical Mask
• Wash Your Hands Regularly (for at least 20 seconds)

The pandemic forced medical health centers in Suffolk County NY, to implement specialized protocols that often focused only on those who were acutely ill. If you had a medical need that was ignored while this was going on, now is the time to get back on schedule and get your healthcare

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