Brief Guide on How to Hire A Dependable Air Conditioning Installers

Choosing an ideal AC installer can make a difference between trouble-free, smooth functioning, and poor customer service down the road. When you compare quotes never choose the cheapest one, but check the reputation and capabilities of the air conditioner installation company. You can read online reviews to get an idea of what to expect from the potential expert installers.

A brief guide to hire a dependable air conditioner installer

Informative sales process

A good company like Airomania has a team of transparent and open-air conditioning installers that educate customers. They even help to select the best HVAC solution that suits your needs and budget. Never sign with a business that pressurizes you in buying. A good company offers a buyer space, so they can make a suitable decision without feeling pushed.

Professional documentation

It doesn’t mean the company offers high-quality appliances or services. It indicates that the company is professional and seriously organized. It is a good sign. They take efforts in presenting well-detailed quotes associated with the appliance and installation. After you sign up, an invoice is emailed along with instructions of what will occur next. Professionalism means the company seriously cares about its reputation, which is built by offering satisfying customer service.

Good communication

When you call the company and no one answers, it is too frustrating. Better to walk away because if no one answers your call when you are offering them a job opportunity, think how difficult it will be to reach them when you have a future warranty problem.

Transparent warranty details

A good installation company will be clear about the shipping cost and replacing parts that are covered under the warranty. If you are not made aware of the warranty policy coverage, it is a red flag. Some companies need a regular checkup every year. If you miss even once it can void the installation warranty. This is wrong and unethical, so avoid such terms.

How to find out if the technician is properly licensed?

The technician needs to have a valid license for handling refrigerants. To check if their license is appropriate –

  • Visit to check for license validation and business authorization before AC installation or refrigeration work begins.
  • The potential AC service center needs to include their license number in the advertisement or on their website.
  • You can even request to see the refrigerant handling license. It reveals that they are well-trained to handle AC equipment.

Questions to ask the AC technician

  • Are you experienced?
  • Can you give some referrals near my location?
  • Does your company use sub-contractors? If yes, who will take the responsibility for the installation warranty?
  • What is involved in your site visit?
  • How long will the installation take?
  • What documentation will be given before & after the AC installation?
  • What system do you suggest for my home? Why?
  • Is the home electricity supply capable to handle the recommended system capacity?
  • How much will your recommended system cost to operate?
  • What is the maintenance needed?
  • Where to place the units?
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