How can a Professional Survey Programmer Help in Improving the Respondent Experience?

As the person organizing a survey, it is your responsibility to ensure that the respondent experience is the best it can ever be. Keep in mind that it determines whether the respondent participates or not. Equally important, it can also make a respondent give honest and accurate data or vice versa. Did you know that a professional survey programmer can help you improve the respondent experience? Yes, and in several ways, you shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of it. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Compound or Delaying Branching

A professional survey programmer will help you set several criteria for a particular question through compound branching. It will also introduce delayed branching, which gives the respondent options depending on their previous response. Therefore, the survey only asks what’s relevant to the participant, which improves the respondent experience. If the respondent doesn’t take tea, it doesn’t make sense to ask them how often they drink it. Fortunately, a professional survey programmer will help you avoid such a situation.

  1. Skip Logic or Simple Branching

This one is similar to the previous one to some extent. For instance, if you don’t like tea, it will automatically skip any other questions on coffee and pose an alternative question or end the interview. However, unlike the previous approach, it is impossible to program your survey based on the responses of many questions all at once.

  1. Dynamic texts or comments

This trick comes in handy when you want the respondents to describe a situation. However, instead of making them type even N/A, the text box only pops up if they choose an affirmative answer. That saves them effort and time besides taking their experience a notch higher.

  1. Quota control

It is an important feature if you don’t want a lot of responses. All that you have to do is to determine the limit and leave everything else to the programmer. They will program the survey not to accept more responses once that target is reached.

  1. Show or Hide Options

If a respondent chooses a certain country, you don’t have to display all the cities in the world as they select their respective city. Again, a programmer will help you show or hide options depending on whether they are relevant or not. Under such circumstances, the respondent won’t have a hard time selecting the various options.

  1. Show or Hide Questions

Besides hiding options, a professional survey programmer can also choose to hide questions, to begin with. A good example is questions that only apply to a certain religion. If you say that the answer is Christianity, questions related to the religion will be shown, and the rest will be hidden. Consequently, programmers will only see what’s relevant to them only.

  1. Customizing Surveys Further

Sometimes, the above common mechanism based on simple logic may not work accordingly. Fortunately, a professional survey programmer will introduce custom JavaScript to create that logic. They will understand how to use the scripting language to customize your survey based on every single participant.


As you create a survey, consulting a programmer could make a huge difference. It improves the respondents’ experience, and that can increase the response rate a lot.

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