Read This Post to Know What Is Cement Rendering

Cement rendering is the application of a premixed, thin coating of sand, lime, and cement to a fence or wall. Cement rendering can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including brick, cement, mud brick, and also stone.

The application process for rendering can also include a coloured or textured mixture, or it can be just painted after it is applied and allowed to be set properly. Essentially, cement rendering is a certain application process that uses a premixed concrete-based material to add beauty and strength to existing fences and walls.

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Types of rendering

There are various types of renders and the material available and the type of surface to which they are applied can influence how well the finish turns out and how long will it last. Deciding on such detail can have a significant impact on how the render is going to look.

The following are the most used types of renders:

  • Cement rendering
  • Polymer rendering
  • Acrylic rendering

What is cement render and why is it used?

Cement renders are made from a combination of sand, water, cement, lime, or clays. Mostly it is used on hard surfaces like concrete, brick, or stone, but it can be used also on walls that were thoroughly painted and sanded beforehand. This render has a smooth finish.

Cement plaster can be used also to build retaining walls, fences, and interior and exterior walls.

What are the advantages of cement rendering?

The following are a few of the reasons why people should opt to go for cement rendering:

  • Offers a smoother, cleaner, and also more aesthetically pleasing finish to any hard surfaces as compared to the other 2 options
  • Can always be produced in many different colours (in case you prefer to use coloured pigments)
  • You can find in several textures, right from any smooth finish to any textured finish;

What paint should you use for cement render

Cement render is an excellent addition to any home because it enhances the appearance while also protecting the underlying substructure from its decaying qualities of various outside elements. Making your house look great as well as having protection from all weather conditions of Australia are just as important as any other surface.

How to go about painting your rendered walls?

Also, it is recommended that before applying paint to the wall, the consistency of your wall be suitable for the fresh application of paint. As water is used in the formation of concrete render, painting while still the wall is damp can cause a slew of issues later on.

Painting rendered walls that are simply not ready to be painted results in cracking, flaking, and mould. Before painting can begin, concrete rendered walls must be sealed with up to 3 coats of sealer. To apply the paint, you can use a roller or a brush.

The most important aspect of painting any walls is to paint from various angles. This is done to ensure that it appears professional and consistent from all angles.

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