Create A Beautiful Rooftop Walkway

Accessing dangerous areas requires that you take all necessary precautions. Poor roof access stairway and catwalk for roof access will not only expose your employees to danger but can also cause compliance failures. This could result not only in increased costs and penalties but also in the suspension of certain operations.

It’s important to do it right and establish a reliable system. Here are six suggestions for strong, compliant rooftop access.

Rooftop walkways are often overlooked and deemed too expensive. When it comes down to roof safety, we recommend more protection than is necessary. Elevated roof walkways for metal roofs have many benefits.

Walkways Reduce Liability

Slick roofs can be dangerous for pedestrians. The walkway allows workers to walk on a flat, stable, nonslip surface with slopes up to 35°. This minimizes the chance of them falling. You and your employees will be safer if you have a stable walkway.

Additionally, guardrails on rooftop walkways can be combined to ensure safety and control access to hazardous areas. There are two options for installing handrail systems: a single or a dual system. This provides strong and flexible access.

Increase The Roof’s Longevity

Constant foot traffic on the roof’s membrane can cause premature roof failure. This could result in costly repairs and replacements. Roof walkways are a way to delineate the path of pedestrian traffic while protecting the integrity and beauty of your roof. The roof walkway system evenly distributes pedestrian load across its surface, which increases the lifespan of your roof.

Access To Equipment Is Easier

As important as your equipment and machines are inside your facility, your roof is crucial to keep your operation running smoothly. Your workers will feel safer if they can access pipes and equipment from a roof that is easy to climb.

Take Stock Of The Variables

The key is to know how the access way will be used. Is it capable of supporting heavy loads or people? Does the roof slope? Will it be possible for the walkway to follow its path? What is the walkway’s length? How often do you need to support the grating You will need gates?

This is all the information you’ll need before you can move on to the next steps.

Use The Right Materials

There are many options available for various access requirements. You can find grates that are strong enough to handle heavy loads or lighter ones, and products that resist rust, corrosion, and maintain chemical resistance.

You can ensure safe access by selecting the right profile.

Create A Professional Profile

Slip Resistance is very important when working with elements. This is why you’d choose something with serrated grating. Perhaps your business deals with small parts. In that case, you may choose to have a more compact profile that will prevent small items from falling.

Ensure Efficient Draining

It can lead to slippery surfaces, rust, and pooled waters. There are many safety concerns that employees face when working at height. This is why it is important to have an extra factor. A safe and clean workplace can be achieved by a good drainage system.

The weather can be a terrible mistress. Rooftop access should be free from obstructions such as slippery steps or pools of water.

Deal With A Supplier That Knows What They Are Doing

Make sure that your supplier understands the needs of your industry before you purchase your materials. Con-form Group is a trusted supplier of access products of HVAC plant platforms. Our company has been in business for many years and can supply products for many applications. Working with a reliable supplier will ensure that you have peace of mind and safety.

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