The Role of a Dog Bite Injury Attorney

A staggering 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. 800,000. These bite victims require medical treatment. A person can be awarded compensation for injuries sustained when bitten or bitten in an attack by a dog owned by someone else.

What Is A Dog Bite Injury Lawyer?

Dog bite lawyers represent victims in cases that involve dog bites. Lawyers who specialize in dog bites might be of assistance to:

  • Victims claiming compensation for injuries resulting from a bite by a pet dog
  • Dog owners who require representation at a euthanasia hearing;
  • Dog owners need assistance from the insurance company after a bite.
  • Dog owners who require assistance recover damages caused by another dog biting their pet.

The Roles & Responsibilities of a Dog Bite Attorney

Dog bites could cause severe medical issues, lost wages, pain, suffering, and emotional distress. A dog bite injury lawyer can often assist victims seeking compensation for injuries sustained by a dog bit. An experienced dog bite injury attorney will be familiarized with the laws and regulations in your state. He will advise you on the best ways to proceed. A dog bite injury lawyer knows how to negotiate settlements to ensure that the best outcome is possible based on specific circumstances.

Here is a closer view of some key roles and responsibilities of a dog bite lawyer.

Dog Bite Lawsuit

The law recognizes “one bite,” which stipulates that the dog’s owner cannot be held responsible for any previous incidents in which the dog bit someone. However, there may be situations where the person could still be held liable, regardless of how long ago their pet has been around. New Mexico has a law that prohibits dogs with dangerous or vicious histories.

Dog bite attorney Denver believes that if a victim has a case based upon local laws, the attorney might recommend filing a suit against the dog owner.

Writing & Sending a Demand Notice to the Insurance Company & the Defendant

Adjusters often offer a fast payout to resolve a claim as quickly as possible. This is not always in a victim’s best interest. A dog bite lawyer will always advocate for their client, and they will demand the correct compensation.

How to Prove That the Dog Owner Is Liable For Injuries?

The dog owner may be legally liable for injuries sustained by a dog owner who failed to take reasonable precautions to control it. Unfortunately, negligence is difficult to prove.

The victim must demonstrate that the dog’s owner had a duty and that the dog owner was negligent in not meeting this duty to be eligible to sue for negligence. The victim must also show that the negligence directly or indirectly caused the injuries.

Dog Owner Compensation

Depending upon the facts of the case and the applicable laws, victims whose dogs have been bitten may be entitled to compensation from their owners. The most common types are:

The most common cost resulting from dog bites is– Medical costs usually include medical bills, doctors’ fees, and physical therapy. If necessary, it may also include psychological treatment.

Emotional and Mental Pain – If the victim suffered mental or emotional pain from the dog bite, they might be entitled to compensation for their suffering.

Lost Income – Victims who are forced to take time off to receive treatment, diagnosis, or rehabilitation may be entitled to reimbursement of lost income.

Damage to Property – If your dog bites you, it may result in property damage like broken glasses. The dog owner may be responsible.

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