Health and Social Care e-Learning

When an organisation within Health and Social Care adopts and implements a Learning Management System (LMS) and aligns this with their own a strategy for Learning and Development, it helps to build up and maintain a compliance record for both the organisation and the learner alike. This helps track all Learning and Development activities allocated in a record for Learners to keep on top of their own development. This can be the beginning of your organisations Health and Social Care e-Learning journey.

The Health and Social Care sector holds great career opportunities for anyone new to the sector and allows personal development, which is critical across the sector to ensure you retain your workforce. Continued Personal Development, known as CPD, is a great way to allow all your new recruits to start on the Care Certificate and continue their Learning and Development journey with more specific courses related to their day-to-day role as a care-worker. This will also encourage staff members to stay within your organisation with their own CPD goals being taken into consideration, improving staff retention.

What is e-Learning for Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care e-Learning relies on training providers to deliver learning that is not only up to date and accurate, but also interactive and engaging. As a care worker, you will need to be provided with Continued Personal Development (CPD) support and this can be delivered through e-Learning courses. The key benefit of CPD accredited courses is to help care workers maintain and deliver higher standards of care to those in need.

These e-Learning courses are delivered through an LMS and support numerous types of learning styles. Health and Social Care organisations can to utilise a Learning Management System that aligns and supports them to deliver their Learning and Development strategy. An LMS will also provide additional value that will automate your processes and save admin time when it comes to reporting and managing your team’s compliance.

A key benefit to having an LMS in place within Health and Social Care is to support organisations compliance, when it comes to inspections by CQC or other regulatory bodies. An intuitive LMS and accredited courses will also provide additional benefits to your staff, allowing them to manage their own learning journey and stay up-to-date with Mandatory Training, complete adequate induction training and annual refresher training.

What am I looking for in an e-Learning course for Health and Social Care?

When looking into Health and Social Care e-Learning, there is a huge array of different types of courses. The most common courses to look for are known as ‘Mandatory Training’, which means workers within the sector are required to undertake adequate induction training and annual refreshers training to remain up-to-date with regulatory requirements. These are inclusive of:

  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Infection Prevention and Control
  • Manual Handling
  • Food Hygiene/ Food Safety Awareness

These e-Learning courses are designed to stay aligned with basic regulatory requirements in the Health and Social Care sector. We advise looking at training providers across the Health and Social Care sector, this can be through word of mouth or doing a simple search across the internet.

To discuss your e-Learning requirements and to see how My Learning Cloud can help support your Health and Social Care organisation, simply book an obligation free consultation here.

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