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In your work, discuss the ethics of the creative sector as well as societal challenges. Give an original viewpoint on home improvement, business finance, automotive lifestyle, technology, family/parenting travel, and entertainment. Collect information about a certain matter. 

Explain how to constructively critique coworkers, create your brand, and promote your work to customers. Knowledge of how to evaluate a typeface, design an infographic, and market your idea with a Pixar pro storyboard are all valuable skills to have.

Discuss the ideas and procedures that have been utilized in the development of prosperous businesses and initiatives. 

Could You Give Us A Pinch?

Artists that work in several disciplines, animators, software developers, experience designers, paper artists, display or shop designers, interdisciplinary artists, and other creative professions.

Your Article Must Include:

  • Make an argument, not simply advice.
  • Make sure that others can hear you. We’re looking for things that are daring and authentic.
  • Keep in mind that our target demographic consists of creative professionals. Think about what readers from other fields may pick up from your post, whether it is about type design or photography.
  • Be between 600 and 1000 words 
  • Verify all of the information, including the facts, figures, quotations, and names, and cite sources when they are required.

Not Yet Available In Print:

  • Marketing of products and distribution of press releases
  • Biographies of “fine artists” and other unproven persons or companies
  • There will be no article follow-ups allowed unless they provide value.
  • Publications, such as your blog.

Why Us?

Because we care… a lot, writing for us will be a rewarding experience for you. The insightful and hard-working members of our team will provide essential feedback and editing assistance.

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