A lot of research is taking place in the field of dentistry and hence you can find many new improvements in the treatment procedures related to teeth.

Due to the efforts of both private and public researches dental implant dentures are also becoming quite affordable these days. We can take many different examples in this regard.

Recently, a researcher from Health Sciences University of Georgia studied the application of bone-creating protein, which may make further improvement in the success of dental implants.

All these researches are being conducted as most of the dentists usually face a problem when they perform the dental implants on their patients.

As per the various experts, presently the procedure adopted during dental implants may not sustain for longer period in case the bone where they will be attached to is too thin or narrow. Also, it can be very difficult to implement dental implants in such patients.

Presently, most of the experts try to stabilize the implant base with the help of bone grafts which is supplemented. According to most of the doctors, this procedure is very complicated since it will need additional surgery in order to harvest bone.

With animal studies, researchers have found that regeneration is possible with the help of bone morphogenetic protein implantation in the sinus. With the help of this technique new bone growth will take place within 4 weeks.

These new bones that will be produced will have much better quality as compared to those from earlier bone graft.

Also, in the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, the Chemistry Department has reported that it is possible to reduce healing time significantly. Researchers have used a technology where titanium implants were used for lost teeth.

Researchers also claimed that the biomechanics of our body can be influenced just by increasing the active surface at nano level, which can change the implant conductivity. Pain and discomfort will be reduced with this procedure.

In this new procedure, a thin layer of the naturally formed oxide which covers the titanium must be left with a rough surface rather than smooth one. This rough surface is conducive for the new bone formation.

According to experts, anchoring implant to our bone will exert biomechanical stimulation to our bone tissue to help in the new bone formation.

Presently, 69% adults in the age between 35 and 44 must have lost minimum one tooth because of decay, trauma or disease as per the data available.

Similarly, the same organization also reports that about 26% of adults’ losses all permanent teeth when they come to 74 years of age.

In majority of cases, dental bridges or dentures were used before it became viable. All these lead to further bone loss as well as teeth damage.

For more than almost 40 years, dental implant dentures were used for replacing lost teeth that have more benefits like improved oral health. Besides convenience, they also enhance the appearance as well as speech. Also, they are much more durable.

Replacement of a lost tooth is a must before the overall oral health is affected. You must contact immediately any nearest dental clinic to enquire about various affordable dental implants with the latest technologies.

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